Difficulty in plotting buy sell signals.

I recently created a scanner in afl. but it shows unnecessary arrows between original buy and sell. as per strategy sell was at 755.5 and tgt was 734 as 2.5%. and stoploss was 1% but unnecessary arrows keep coming even when these both criteria are not met. Please guide if anyone knows.
Hello everyone! My query is even I keep getting repeated buy/sell signals even after trade criteria has met for 1 time. For example, let me explain.

In below screenshot, Sell was generated on 10.21 AM at 753.5/- as per strategy. Now target is set at 734/- as per 2.5% and stop loss is set at 760.5/- as per 1%. But before any of these can get hit, I'm getting multiple unnecessary scans/arrows/signals. This creates a lot of confusion as there are too many stocks in one day with such signals. Please guide how to avoid these.

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