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Interesting, jaw dropping and mind-boggling Facts mostly pertaining to the (stock) markets :clap:


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Oldest recorded Financial Crisis in history

Kipper und Wipper

The Oldest recorded Financial Crisis in history caused by debased (fraudulent) foreign coins minted in the Holy Roman Empire from 1621-1623, done to raise funds at the start of the Thirty Years' War.


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Tulip mania Bubble

Tulip mania Bubble

The oldest recorded Financial bubble (1633–37) in the Netherlands during which contracts for bulbs of tulips reached extraordinarily high prices, and suddenly collapsed.
World's Oldest currency

The British pound is the world's oldest currency still in use - it is 1200 years old. Sterling silver pennies have been around since 775 AD, dating back to Anglo-Saxon times. The first fully printed banknotes were introduced in 1853.


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Total currency in circulation

Total currency in circulation:

In 1990, total currency in circulation in the world passed 1 trillion USD. After 12 years, in 2002 this figure was 2 trillion USD,
and in 2008 it had increased to 4 trillion USD, broken down by country as follows:
Eurozone – 1035.2 billion USD, 24.30% of world total
United States – 850.7 billion USD, 19.97%
Japan – 762.4 billion USD, 17.90%
China – 492.3 billion USD, 11.56%
India – 140.3 billion USD, 3.29%
Russia – 110.8 billion USD, 2.60%
UK – 87.5 billion USD, 2.05%
Canada – 43.8 billion USD, 1.03%
Switzerland – 40.3 billion USD, 0.95%
Poland – 37.7 billion USD, 0.89%
Brazil – 37.3 billion USD, 0.88%
Mexico – 34.3 billion USD, 0.81%
Australia – 32.4 billion USD, 0.76%
Pakistan – 17.63 billion USD, 0.42

Other countries – 537.4 billion USD, 12.89%


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Only 2% of Indian household savings are being directed to Equity markets. People in India are more inclined to invest their money in gold, banks and in real estate. Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) are the strongest driving force in Indian markets.

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