Diary of Tiger

My Trading Style and Strategy:

a) Identify High Priced and Low Priced stocks based on valuation (Promoter pedigree, Market Cap, PE, Dividend Yield, Sales to Market Cap)
b) Look at Technicals to reduce the cost of holding Low Priced Scripts
c) Short the high priced stocks based on technicals
d) A ratio of 50:50 Long Short which can go 25% either way based on market currents
e) By nature, I am a Salmon, which swims against the flow, so most of my trades may be contra.
f) Most of my trades are in F&O. Trades in stocks are done with a intention of holding them long term and will not be tracked here. Trades in F&O range from less than a day to a hold of around 6 months. Most of them range from a day to 2-3 weeks.

Trading Objectives and Rules:

a) Intraday Profit of 10,000 per day
b) Overnight (Holding for a day to two) Profit of 25,000 per week
c) Other profit (Which doesnt fall in 'a' or 'b') of 50,000 per week.
d) Total Optimal holding of less than 100 lots with a Hard limit of 125 Lots. Longs and shorts individually not to cross 75 Lots
e) Usage of Options for hedging and for Lottery. (Notes to Self: You lost lot of money on Puts) Max limit of naked options to Rs 25,000 in any settlement. Selling of options Only against existing positions of Futures.
f) Maximum Mark to Market Loss of positions to 10 lakhs
g) Optimum holding of no more than 5 lots in any Future and Hard Limit of 10 lots per Future
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