Diary of a day trader - Part 2


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To make it short: You surely have seen in the forum some of my ways of trading options, rarely posted any where in this forum or any where else.

European markets at the moment I am not involved in it. Best market to trade in Europe, compare to my mind, so no rule, is the DAX.

At the moment I only trade any thing on CME. (Most sophisticated market in the world when it comes to option trading. No place for kids or would like to be)

Coming to FII: I study your market now for quit a while and the way many of you trade it. For me: Your market doe's not behave in any other way compare any other market does. I am only puzzled with the standard volatility from Bank Nifty Index. Any link where all of use, include you can see that real Volatility in numbers.


This link has IV....I'm sure you must have checked this already.
wish the govt had noble and honest people like you ST

GDP data way below expectation....why cannot they give that data during market hours when all other data is released during market hours.

This probably is Govt's way of supporting the market. But such measures do more damage than good.This Govt is mismanaging our country's economics too now.Classic examples are food security bill and Land Acquisition Bill.



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SGX Nifty is up 50 points. Closes tonight at 5744. How much higher will it go. :confused:
I got a news of 5900 on cards but my views are also like u:confused:


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SGX Nifty is up 50 points. Closes tonight at 5744. How much higher will it go. :confused:
ON 5th closing price of Nifty was quoted as 5812 :).
And hence at least 5812 is on the charts.
FII's have become net index buyers/put writers and so the market makers.
Pumped closed to 1800 crores in equities in the last two trading session.
So 5900+ may be possible.

On the negative side US senate has approved war on Syria.
So markets on tuesday will open with the developments in three days.

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