Derivative broker

it is Rajib from durgapur. i am fed up with icici . can any one help me with
a good firm and resonable brokerage in derivative(0.03) .
Do any one know about charges of fortissecurities? is there any extra cost to get odin .

please answer me, i am in great trouble because of icicidirect.

Thanks in advance,
Dear Rajib

hi, I was in the process of going to icicidirect for derivatives, and now i read u are kindof fed up with them, could u be more specific about why not icici,
b rgds
Rajib if ur interested call me @ (0)9444022714 or send sms i will be able to put u on to a broker where it is 0.04% for derivatives
I hear the Indiabulls are good for derivative trading and have good commission rates for active traders. Perhaps the commission is 0.05%.

Give them a call. They have a toll free number.

Thanx friends, for ur kind reply. i went to indiabulls and also fortis , both offered me
0.03% and i ll take a disicision in a few days.

ok gopi i can brief you pointwisely--
1.Their derivative brokerage rate is 0.10% , i personally think it is very high for derivatives.

2. their wabesite is very slow and serever down sporadically.

3. i was to take a position in ranbaxy put in Dec2004(probably,i forgot whether Dec or Nov.) but i could not, because there server was down for 2 hours. and next day it was out of my range. do u want to know how much i could have earned if i could get the RANBAXY put contract? yes, 40k. who will compenaste this?

4. as a trader, i think 10-10.30am is very imp. time period, i seldom(almost no) get acess at that time and so i miss some good oppurtunities.

5. i think the only advantage icici has , itself being a bank , there service quality never satisfied me.

6. i have to go through 5/6 pages for a derivative trade, and it takes resonable time and price may have changed and the oppurtunity gone.

7. to me, it is good for IPO/Delivery trade but never never for dreivative or
quare off trading.

i think i have answer ur query , for any more u always can ask me.

thank you.
dear Rajib
thks for the info on icici working.
I agree with you 100% bcause other people also in the past have pointed out very similar reasons.
i am doing stocks on icicidirect and its **** specailly 10 - 11 am, when writing letters to them we get back the stereo type answers, which i feel are in their library ( which was created anticipating)

thks for the help and a point of brokerage, thats a whole lot of difference 0.03 and 0.10%

and could i rqt u to inform how is yr experience with the other guys after u have started using them
b rgds and best luck

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