Deravatives postions/calls

Hi Pras,

Welcome to Traderji family of traders. Here you will find almost every thing you are looking for. Most of the traders talk about the stocks and Nifty, however you can trade their options and futures as you may like. Since all the stock calls are directional therefore there is not much to talk about the Call or Put options.

Why don't you post your wisdom here, so that, all other traders can gets some benefit from your experience.

BTW do read "Delta Neutral Strategy-Long Nifty futures & Long Puts" and also "Delta Neutral Strategy - Short Strangle.




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Hi Wastej,

after reading your Delta Neutral Strategy and nautilus' Forex trading recommendation we are afraid that if we dont update our knowledge we would disappear from the market. Thanks for all your posts.

Cud u contribute some thing regarding system trading? Is there softwares which would automatically place orders to brokers if the system triggers buy and sell? We will be much comfortable if you post the softwares with respect to Indian Markets.
Hi SwamiNathan,

I am not a system trader, nor I am directional trader. I only trade the market to make money by not assuming risk. I have yet to see a mechanical trading system or any other software that provides such trade triggers.

Good Luck in your search.


Hi Wastej,

I am not a TA specialist and just learning under advise of couple of very helpful friends.

I asked the question as fut is always a risky business with MTM losses, it is difficult to hold long or short, while options I heard was a better way to trade but there was obvious risk of loss of time value.

I will go through the thread u noted and will reply there also.


hi wastej,
I am a derivatives trader. But from couple of days since sensex and nifty is in its peak I am not feeling confident to trade, fearing a big fall. Can you give me some suggestions how to enter the market now either through taking long/short position in Nifty futures or through some good stocks which could fetch me good returns in a couple of days.Thanks,

Hi Usha,

I am neither astrolger nor future perdictor. I trade the market without assuming risk, such as delta netural strageties. In order to be a sucessfull trader one has to overcome fear and greed, by adopting such stratgies it is possible to do so. Biggest weekness of a trader is to become rich overnight.


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