Dena Bank Ipo

Hi I am new to trading. I have applied for DENA BANK IPO. in my Demat account under IPO section is see DENK BANK IPO status as executed.

But under demat balance i still dont see any DENA bank share. Does that mean i have not been allocated the shares?
How can i confirm if i have been allocated shares or not?

Secondly if i dont get the shares how do i get back the rs 5400/- that i allocated for it.

Traderji or members please help...

Thanks and regards,
I dont think the allocation for Dena bank has made the allocation yet... it will take around 2 weeks after the close of IPO (sometimes even more) before u get the stock....hope this helps....

Ive applied for the Dena IPO too and it is messing up my liquidity! Yea, two weeks is the normal amt, i dont know what they're up to? anyway i think they send you a notification telling abt the number shares allocated and accordingly return remaining amt.
Since Dena Bank IPO was a fixed price one and not a book building one, it will take at least 30 days from book closure to get the share allotment finalised and maybe one more week to get the shares transferred to demat and the refunds sent out. I have not applied for the IPO so dont know the dat on which the IPO was closed, but remember seeing somewhere that it was closed around 31st Jan 2005. So expect allotments somewhere in march 1st week only.
Usually 1 week before the IPO is listed, a link will be provided and we can check the status of our application.
Nothing of that sort has happened with DENA IPO till now!
It is a very long wait.......
Please let me know if anybody gets a link to know the status?

I quote from the IPO Prospectus:

a) as far as possible, the allotment of the equity shares shall be made within 30 days of the closure of the Issue; and
b) the Bank shall pay interest at the rate of 15% per annum if the allotment has not been made and/or the Letters of Allotment/
Refund Orders have not been despatched to the investors within 30 days from the date of the closure of the Issue, for the delayed
period beyond 30 days.

I wouldnt think they would particularly like paying interest, so I am assuming allocation should happen sometime this week..or early next week at the latest.

I got my allotment today. i had applied for 1800 shares, got 200 shares. But they have given me the share certificate (paper), and ive checked with my demat acc and it hasnt been delivered. I applied for the demat version, i dont know whats up?

In the letter attached there is no mention of demat of shares. Will i get the demat or am i stuck with the paper shares. Dena Bank just does not have a line to call? Anyone have any suggestions how i go about it?

Hey Guyz,

Have you all got the money back frm the Dena bank IPO ? I had applied 1000 shares..and given 200...but for the money for the rest hasnt been sent or credited into my account... :mad: any idea when and how the money will be returned...??


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