Day Trading Stocks & Futures

A note to our friends on Traderji . . . specially new traders (trading only for last few years)

Few days back there was a talk if this is a Life time opportunity etc . . .

It does not matter, but it surely is one of the best time to trade!
Whatever kind of trader you are, intraday, swing, FnO, Cash/spot

Don't get frozen out of this market . . . Adjust your style / quantity
get into it, Stops are wider but so are the rewards . . .

If capital is an issue, choose one stock and trade minimum quantity
you will get valuable hands on experience . . .

When Sachin Tendulkar played his first world cup was it a life time opportunity for him?

The good thing is life time opportunities come around quite often in a life time
but the sad thing is many are not prepared when one comes around . . .

Grab it, you will make some big money or big experience,
both are equally valuable :up:

Economists tell us that Govt should put money in the hands of people who dont have it......I could not agree more....they can start with me.....

Covid Bonds are all the traders who made money shorting the markets will be compulsorily paid in Covid Bonds and not cash money........happy investing in Covid Bonds....

RBI thinking of" stopping the clock"...great idea...stop the clock at 12000 Nifty so that all my DDs will go away......:D


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