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Yes sure. Just like markets had bloodbath the day after 21 days lockdown was announced :)

On a serious note, with a cash surplus of 1000+ crores, irctc is strong enough to overcome this crisis which has impacted travel & tourism the most. It is going to be the fastest rising stock soon. Best bet for investors. Thats my take.
40% cut in nifty not enough bloodbath for you ? you want more ?


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I am sorry, after the lockdown announcement, hasnt nifty has risen 7% & 4% yesterday & today?
Why on Monday Nifty has fallen 12-13% while week before that Nifty was appearing to made short term bottom around 7800-8000. Nifty was very much resisting to go below 8000 before that. But on monday Nifty opened around 1000 point gap down, Only explanation can be lockdown news was leaked to Big guys , so the kneejerk reaction.


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