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SS will not be happy about re-election - lol
Its now or a very very long time for them!

I suppose now we know why Motabhai would rather vote for Milind Deora for the South Mumbai LS seat than a SS candidate.
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Making some money but nowhere close to twitter traders. Need to learn their secrets :p
We need not worry about twitter traders but we must take a hard look at our own trading and see if we have caught the bus or missed the bus by our brilliant analysis of no growth ,no US China peace,no jobs,only few stock going up ,no broader participation etc etc so market is about to says I am not interested in any of your analysis..and it is showing what it wants to do...and it is to go up.....

Few may find my gyan useless but some of us have made great returns on the same gyan.......if one knows how to use that gyan.... making money is important to traders and investors not my or anyone's gyan....


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