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Banknifty-There is no reversal signal yet. earlier there was one bearish engulfing candle, i thought that could provide way to break the channel line. but it didnt. now there is no clear signal yet. looks like it might cross 31583 before any signal.I also have a vision of 31880-31960 zone before any signal.this I will gain confidence once it sustaince 31583 zone. without doing that if it breaks todays low then I would look forward to channel break
Banknifty -Just an update. so far there is no change in count. and Channel is not yet broken.
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If mkt wants to trap most ppl , it would close above previous high for a day or two then sell off causing max pain to most ppl. :p
i've not been swinging since last week, somehow it works for me not being in a pos. get less whipped. on days like today, they have to be capitalised. then continue carrying the position.


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deal ho gayi !!!!!!!!! deal ho gayi !!!!!!!!!!!!

aree yaar ...........US China ki nahi

BJP aur Ajit Pawar ki :hungover:

What the people in media do NOT realize is whether Fadnavis & Ajit Pawar are able to make the govt or not, they’ll only need 9-12 MLAs from stopping SS+NC+INC in forming a govt.
Halfway mark=145

So good possibility of either a BJP govt or fresh elections.

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