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Roz roz maar khane wala axisbank bhi sher bana hua hai :DD:DD
Axis Bank gains 5% after raising Rs 12,000 cr; ICICI Securities sees target of Rs 800; here's why
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Sab ka rerating ho raha hai

Lekin Axis Bk was being beaten sideways whereas
Yes Bk ko gira gira ke maar rehey hein .... aur Risky bhai side pe wait kar rehey hai ... video bana rehey hai, aur pitega to uska help kerengey.
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now that we have corp tax 22%(historic step and very good decision by the Govt) how can income tax be higher than that.
Any rich person can create company and funnel his/her income through it ...not sure how much hassel it is but better than paying 35% to 40% income tax with surcharge and all I guess.
so the current slab of individual taxation meaningless ? so the only guys stuck are trhe middle class people ??

I belive now max tax slab should be 22% or lower. Income tax should not be higher than corp tax as per my logic. what do you guys think ??

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