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In persuit of financial independence.
laptop is comfortable we get original OS,mobility will be there in case of need..15.2 inch i'm using..wireless connectivity ...,desktop maintenance is easy..
I have been Macbook user (air) for last 8 years and never again looked at PC per se. But the below gets (although desktop) me interested, good configuration, if you couple it with a good hd or 4k monitor, should be an excellent machine.
REO Desktop (Intel Core i5 650 3.2 Ghz/4 GB DDR3 Ram/120 GB SSD/500GB HDD/WiFi Ready)
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Seen msgs for laptop for trading purpose.
How about assembled PC with higher configuration. Cost wise it will be less compared to branded laptops, maintanence easy as we can get repaired or replaced.

Also laptop not so comfortable to view charts. Isn't it :)
laptops need no UPSs!! One most important but overlooked variable in the whole of trading plan!


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Joining back is Very good decision...You are very lucky to have the opportunity available.
All the best...
Thanks Mohan bhai, bhagvan ka grace.. I remember you told me initially that one cannot survive as a fulltime trader with just candlesticks and patterns. I thought i could make it, but market proved yourself right. Quitting job for trading is not a good idea, especially if one doesn't have backup or another source of income... For me this was my exit strategy. But it was not a bad attempt..i learned many things conversing with all here which I could never even have thought of in my usual situation... And everyone gave me respect for being a fulltime trader. I'm not going to stay off, endless learning...


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Will respond to challenges faced by all sectors: FM Sitharaman
She said the Centre is 'continuously engaging with the sectors facing challenges and interacting with them'.

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