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Selling that we saw on Wednesday was not on large volumes in banks...large institutions who often have inside info don't sell into such reports without verifying...India now moving to T+1 settlement today is imp from market point of in general is still expensive...IT/pvt banks, auto offer some comfort.....don't believe China reopen will inflate again in similar manner commodity prices...they will take atleast 3 to 4 months to come out of covid...on this Chinese new year they have reported officially that they are having 1000 covid deaths daily....
Mr Nathan Anderson, owner of Hindenburg Research, challenged world richest #3. Why would he short sell and declare the same in his disclaimer after a detailed forensic investigation report?? Adani must come clean now.
As Adani has to fight battle on US turf. Everything is odd for him.
One thing must be admitted chaos is induced in Adani group.
I have no string attached with any group.

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