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bahu der kerdi merbaa aate aate!!
after 7 continuous down days. W.3 low done on intraday time frames @ 161.8%
W.4 may terminate on intraday time frame around 17275-350. it seems like ABC correction is going on in an intraday downtrend.
maybe on 6th oct around 1:00 pm. time is just an idea.


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Was expecting BN 38700 plus from 5th oct onward, as was written in my friday post.

But it gave much more than that on Navratri event ! Good to BN in ACTION again.
NOT carrying any positions !


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$600 Billion was an asset Lehman Brothers held when it crashed in 2008 and took the entire world along with it.

$2800 is asset Credit Suisse is holding which is almost 4.5x and CS CEO made a statement saying "Bank is at Critical Moment"

US FED called for an emergency meeting tonight

Let us see what lies in store ahead but certainly smoke appears before Fire

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