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Identifying Posible intraday option trades:

1) After some big RED bearish candles, a WHITE Bullish PinBar type candle appears.

2) Then after some big Bullish candles , if some small 2 or 3 Red candles sustains above Breakout level, Then some more upward thrust is posible for ATM option trades, with a very few pts StopLoss !

3) Same vice-versa strategy is posible for intraday BEARISH trades.

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Why no trade day on 5th August?
Don't we have sell trades on the lower high?
Also, how do we identify no trade day or range-bound markets?
Please advise

Personally avoid Friday Option Buying trades , if No Clear signals visible and am not a Compulsive trader.

... Anyways, Friday is mostly Option Sellers game due to next 2 days holiday Theta Decay !

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