Day Trading Stocks & Futures

For an option traders daily atleast one opportunity exist on 5mnt chart with the ATM / ITM trade , as shown in th chart.
Only the trader should wait for a proper Breakout / Breakdown !

A proper few pts SL just below the BO / BD is must , in case of false BO !
Why no trade day on 5th August?
Don't we have sell trades on the lower high?
Also, how do we identify no trade day or range-bound markets?
Please advise
the position is risk-free now unless there is a very significant gap-down opening in the stock.
target as of now is 920-950
paytm +5% moves are happening now a days.
seems like lots of ppl paytm ker rehe hai
Sebi is planning an ASBA like framework for secondary markets.

Meaning you don't have to keep funds with the broker to buy shares. Funds will be blocked in your bank account only when you place a buy order for shares.
long taken in HFCL.
it has entered into an intermediate-term uptrend. expecting it to reach 84-86 levels as of now.
added MIRZAINT. got a bit lucky as price gap up above my entry significantly but retraced to exact low to fill

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