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What to do...I'm still learning...learning....
Ya..and sometimes mysterious things do happen for price was waiting for me to place the order before going in opposite direction...
You asked a very basic question so just feeling you have some other reason for asking that.
If there is no other reason, travi answered you and it applies to any segment of trader.

1. Order execution is on Price priority but when 2 different orders are at same price where price priority does not apply then it is Time priority.
2. Order's with disclosed qty loses Time priority after execution of disclosed qty. So an order placed after your order ( at same price, but before execution of the disclosed qty of your order ) will get the priority in next order matching.
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2 days ago bar #7's Low taken out by bar #9....

More pain piling up.
Reliance looking to compensate now for its lack of fall. It should have fallen with the rest, now all will again fall with it…lol



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For NS: 2nd setup of 1400 pts which became active beating the first one, has now been beaten by the 3rd one that completed on 15-jun and no flip yet. so upto bar #11 the total setup size is 1550.
That means now the 3rd Sell setup on NS becomes the active one last Friday :)

More pain seems to be in the pipeline, 2nd setup got as far as CD11 just to get recycled :DD
still market has to play out, we have seen sideways CD phase too so may not be deep but volatility will remain.
In this context, today there is a bull Flip so the new active sell setup is official.
So market can rally with bullish counts or break 15294 then 15180 and tighten bear grip.


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In my view we will not go more than 5 % of the recent bottom.Indian economic indicators are strong and we will see a new top before dont keep looking for 20 % correction from where we are,buy strong stocks and ride the next upmove. We are much better placed than US and European economies.
Sirji u skip 1 year?

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