Day Trading Stocks & Futures

I remember fund dailouge from Hum movie.
I have seen such kind of disasterous twist and turns 4 time in my Investing life of 26 years.
It's scary but most important is to stay firm footed .
My real life experience advice for new joiner of this great game.
" Always beginers luck played in market. But slowly and steadily it shows true colors.
This is real time to stick with It. "
No one can make 100 % correct Investing or trading decisions.
5 out of 10 gets right. Definitely money can be made.
This is exhausting profession, It makes मी physicology draining.
In my opinion this is most challenging profession.
Even today I makes big mistakes, accepting losses is more easy than to do mind devil gets in to action mode. Don't loose faith in yourself.
holding only one stock which is in good profit and far from entry price so no active trade management.
today fall is good for me was somehow waiting for it (not sure whether it will come). a couple of good setups are there on my watchlist and may now give entry in the coming days (depending on the market conditions)
till that time.................. enjoying market.
The nifty spot's current long-term support range is 15760-14800. if taken out newt support range is 14800-1450

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