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One can Backtest a Strategy or System. But it is humanly not possible to Backtest EMOTIONS.

Past bear market always looks like OPPORTUNITIES.
Existing always looks SCARY.

Past Bull Market always looks Golden Opportunity to Book Profit to Re-enter Later.
we are in a bull market correction and nothing to scary or bear market.
As the uptrend was steep so can be corrections.

How much more correction in Nifty you see before bottom finally gets established.
We are in global liquidity tightening,interest rates going up,commodities shortages leading to inflation, war and it is very difficult to say where we will bottom but we may still lose 1000-1500 points ( worst case ) in nifty before we show some signs of a bottom.
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A friend shared his analysis of what the value of Rs 1,00,000=00 invested on 1-1-2018 be on 14-5-2022 if this amount is invested in each of TCS,Infosis,Wipro,Tata Elexi,Persistant systems,L&T Infotech,Mindtree,HCL Tech,Tech Mahindra etc. The lowest performer is Wipro with 17.95 % CAGR and highest performer is Tata Elexi with 61.38 % CAGR.

All the above stocks more than doubled in value in last 5 even with the current downmove, tech stocks have performed well in 5 years timeframe........

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