Day Trading Stocks & Futures

Tata group companies market cap up by ~25000 crs this week

That way .... Air india acquisition is free

Even markets are supportive when you do things the right way :)
Even if there is case of Upper Circuit .... Trade is resumed after some time of suspension of trading.
yeah, thats for Fno Stocks. It seems max is 20%, although it can be lower too for volatile stocks. Dmart almost went there but not to be ...

For intraday, circuit price can be best exit price sometimes due to these kind of things. Sometimes due to time left, as fno stocks pause for 15mins and if that happens within 15m from autosquare off then no need to wait.

.................. although chances are less that it will come to my buying price (may miss by a whisker) but it is in a constructive position to go long.
a couple of years ago I attempted to trade CNC. but did not continue it due to some unforeseen health issue. at that time I had the problem of finding stocks and my approach was "how should I take the position in a particular stock?" as I was able to find a few.

this time around my approach is "how should I discard this stock from my list?" as this time around I am able to find a good number of stocks. so follow the process of elimination.

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