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ye abhi tak ka design he :pompus::DD:DD:DD, expecting a bounce from 23.6 % :pompus::DD:DD:DD, bounce nahi kiya tho dip till 38.2 % :pompus::DD:DD:DD downsloping trendlines r there to stop flying, but there is no upsloping trendline, so expecting felling :pompus::DD:DD:DD
Dear ST DA,
Due to compulsion I have to depend on stock market for money. By the way I was a quintet about stock market from 1991 but never took that seriously.
But due to pandemic have to forced to resign from my job as we are heavy weigh for salary and other compensations.
I am basically from oil and Gas industry which involves in EPC contract ,mostly worked with process licensing companies.
Lot of travel for commissioning and guaranty runs. Gulf,Europe, US, Latin America..
For lost 27 years and suddenly crushing break.
Mean time always in touch with market. Got friends from all corners of life.
Gets lot of learning from Gujju, Marwari, Agarwals and other out of India personals, many genius minds in money related matter from them I was getting consciously or unconsciously learning.
After reading your post I got lot of courage and inspiration.
It's your greatness that you are keeping low profile and downtown earth.
You may not be knowing how many people you have encouraged, giving them hope in their worst time.
May be some have acknowledge you indirectly or directly.
Just keep doing it.
I am once again heartfelt for thanking you for inspiration.
All the best for you in all quarters of life.
Invest your savings and retirement benefits which you must have got from the company in good wealth compounding a few years it will grow in a healthy takes time ,wealth cannot be created in 2-3 is a long process .

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