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can anyone tell me why
nifty feb 14750 ce shorting required margin of rs1,64,227.73 meanwhile buying same option required rs8,842 .
i m relatively new to options , when i saw nifty was at 14747 i thought of shorting 14750 ce which i thought should be cheap becoz its out of money trade ( i was pretty wrong clearly) it's cheap if you buy it but it's not same when you short it . why?
Selling option has unlimited loss potential, that's why.
anyone applying for heranba IPO ?

- strong product portfolio & distribution NW
- healthy market share, financials
- lucrative dividends

- many criminal proceedings against the promoters
Someone posted in comments section

Heranba -

1. 500+ Criminal proceedings underway
2. Promoter & group company "wilful defaulter" for Rs 49 Crores
3. Company recd unit closure order from Gujarat Pollution Board
4. This IPO is actually OFS of 90% shares of Promoters. Means company hardly require money. Your money will go to promoter
Above seems to be sourced from SP Tulsian's website or some other because its the same.
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To go from PAT to CFO, you need to add/subtract working capital (WC) changes.

If WC change is positive, you need to subtract that number from PAT.
If WC change is negative, you need to add those changes to PAT. Thus CFO>PAT.

Usually, if WC changes are negative from the past year to current year it's a good thing because it means company operations are not holding up cash. For example, when the company can collect receivables from customers faster than last year.
I don't think this will change WC CBsir... just change of heads from trade receivables to cash within current assets...

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