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Indian IT is not performing well.. 2-3 % growth and some even showed negative growth yoy.. Outside India situation is bad and lots of contracts are to be put on back burner, some are under renegotiation... only thing can save it higher USD. as of now INR is showing strength and even got down to touch long term rising support.. I could see USD 76-80 range soon.. (to support IT )
As per fibo retracement of major fall from 12400 to 7500, we have around 12000 as 88.2% most likely will have some resistance there , we might see dip upto 11700, and 11500.....
11700 is on the way, might reach there by tomorrow...if 11500 comes, will buy for the target of close to ATH, time frame 2 weeks.


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Reliance fall as was expecting now from tomorrow expecting same in HDFC... I may be wrong lets see..

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