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Operators bought the dip... more upside possible.. !!!
i did something i normally dont. i.e. take positions when going out. morning when i saw the market i bought 23800 ce at 87 , 24100 ce next week at 277 and put in on sale at 222 and 398, and left for the hospital to take mom for her scheduled checkup. when i checked after reaching the hospital the sell orders were both filled. sitting quiet now.


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Asian Paints new high in a down market.......
SBI card same story. I held onto the IPO at 755 and it cracked till 500 in March.
Averaged also at some points in that range.

Now around 920 at ATH and 3% in today's mkt.
Apparently FIIs continuously picking stake. Maybe bcos of their penetration where pvt players are less.

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