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Guys, what can I run on a 600VA UPS ?

I want to run laptop + extra LCD monitor + hotspot + charger / power bank.
Wrong question.
More important is how long can you run it for?

At 1800 you got scammed. No free lunch in the market or in life.
2 yrs ago I bought a new Exide 12V 7AH (UPS) battery for 1100 after getting a discount from a known shop.

Today the same battery is likely 1300+. The transformer in the UPS is worth >1000 amd the PCB is worth a few 100s more.

The only way they give that price is to use an UNBRANDED local battery which dies before 1 yr with substandard performance.
Either way be ready to fork out 1300 every 16 months to buy a new battery.


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These jobs dont last for long.. as soon as there is a downturn in the economy or sector... there is a review of these non-core jobs which are then cur down fast..

Theoretically there is nothing like Lazy Job ..
Yes, but instant gratification is the way of life nowadays. Tough to find laborers who will stay with a job.