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Same here Chetak for 6K of foreign exchange

Landline after 4 years of waiting unless it was from MP, MLA quota :)

But for LPG gas it was another story . . .

When they started distributing cooking gas, people like Arnob were doing stories about how the cylinders would explode etc
so no one wanted to get a new connection, the distributor in our area himself had to go home to home convincing
people about its safety, so being early adapters we had got home booking, and no waiting :)

And as far as queues go . . .
I remember having an after school duty of standing in one at the milk booth,
some elder from home would come after 1/2 an hour to take place

Everything had a shortage, resulting in a thriving black market . . .
Oh yes, Milk a very priced (on basis of time) commodity! Wonder why govt want to ban again all imports instead of encouraging Indian products to be competitive on quality. Readymade shirts in India are costlier than imported from Bangladesh or Vietnam! My gess is we will be back at late 80’s or early 90’s situation soon....

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