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From internet, a watchable video

I didn't know how to download it or otherwise share the post, hence posted the whole link. Hope someone can guide me on downloading it.
This set up is at train washing line. I have seen such a set up in Delhi area or somewhere. Do not remember now exactly, where.
Though seen such a set up for Bus washing at Vishakhapatnam (Main bus stand) long back.
looks like nature deploys its force to kill virus .. just for fun
Nah.. it is fearsome. The birds don't know about the lockdown, so they are very likely to catch coronavirus and spread it :(
Wuhan to Shanghai 839 km
Wuhan to Beijing 1152 km
Wuhan to Italy 8695 km
Wuhan to New York 15000 km

Corona in nearby Beijing / Shanghai has no effect
but deaths in Italy, Iran, European countries and
ruining the economy of the whole world.

Daya, kuchh to garbar hai !!!
Something is wrong, Daya

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