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In some other parellel universe that you live in, everyone is an ami user that too on a pirated version im sure. I use tradingview and when needed i use ninjatrader which is far superior to ami in everyway possible and not to mention absolutely free. My only grouse is that your giving us all your bs gyan on a thread meant for data provider discussion.
When did I give you any gyan???

I am having a healthy discussion with a data vendor in an appropriate thread meant for discussion on data-feed.

No one is asking for your opinion on which TA S/W is superior and inferior??? Actually you jumped-in from nowhere and started giving BS. Do a reality check???

If you are not using (pirated) AmiBroker, my posts must not bother you... I am sure there are other NT/TV users too....

Look! AmiBroker has been constantly abused for several years and things need to change drastically for everyone's benefit and people, like you, are no one to advice me otherwise! I think reading my previous posts has made you paranoid and you have lost the reality of your own universe....
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Please carry on with your fake evangelism to your hearts content.
Nothing is fake in my posts.

I have mostly written against Piracy with a good intend such that others get aware of the hard reality.

Because Piracy is such a vicious circle that can engulf everyone into commercialization of our very own free-will....

Moreover I do not need advice from someone like you... Unlike yours, I have my conscience to guide me....
You should not have started in the first place.....
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With motivation from this thread, my search has ended with new data provider ticAnalytics

परिवर्तन जीवन में एकमात्र स्थिर है

Wait... Wait... My friends.. don't jump in say

"Looks like u r with TicAnalytics... go get a sponsor badge stop hiding in the shadows... " blah... blah...

Below is my view :

They support AmiBroker and NinjaTrader...
Website claims to be an authorized vendor (no name in nse site), but they are listed in NinjaTrader ecosystem along with GDFL and TD, NinjaTrader has listed them as their preferred data provider (only 3 vendors from India)

View attachment 36509

I love changes... I took instant trial without any activation support... All of them are automated... Register, Download, Install -> Done... it's like kind of DIY
Yes... they looks different from our traditional data vendor in a way that their plugin interface works...
First, there is no UI, yes they got-rid of the additional window that annoying me most of the time when I start the TA. (I did only the basic stuff like new DB creation, etc... in my Amibroker)

Start-up time is almost immediate and data loading is instant, I can close and start at anytime - This looks entirely new to me.
I tried to crash them but could not succeeded. :(... Someone try and let me know..

Their package and price also looks competitive, don't know how long they survive...

Let me check tomorrow during live market and post further...
Just to begin with: I joined this forum in 2007, please don't blame me as promoting this provider for personal reason. You are all free to take a trial and decide.

Okay, as I in mentioned in the previous post, I asked them about their authenticity regarding authorized data vendor. Here is the answer:

View attachment 36563


regarding speed and accuracy of the data: I compared with Kite, side by side and saw ask/bid very accurate and the quote was at per and even faster at times.

View attachment 36564

As of now they only have FnO and for 5 scripts at one point of time its 799/- . But you can take their trial for 7 days without paying.

Few of my queries answered by them:
> You can use two machines at a time with all different symbols
> Works with AMI trial
> Need not to add/ delete symbols again and again.
> MCX will be launched next year only
> Only two Softwares Ami & NT8
> Works with 64 Bit

I have invited them to join this forum and prove the worth ( If they worth it).

@niftyintrader @jyotixxx
Today until afternoon I was busy at work. Then the rest of the day was spent with TrueData, so, could not get any chance to study TicAnalytics... Tomorrow +vely... But your reviews and suggestions are great and helpful... Thanks


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There can be a separate thread for various anti-piracy issues.
There are already but don't expect a guy like him to do right things... This person is a serious offender of hijacking other people's conversation and he has repeatedly done that in the past. I was conversing with TrueData here, then this guy came from no-where and hijacked it....

Many old-timers of Traderji have condemned him repeatedly in the past but has he changed???

This conversation from last year immediately comes to mind...
Master Feku calling others fake.
Simple ask - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - till then just STFU.
Moderators must review and reassess this guy's track record. Seems like a retard, I was thinking to share his mobile number (that he PM'd me without asking for) to a Mental hospital but found that it's an incorrect 9-digit one...

BTW to share any personal detail without the consent of the seeker is a violation of Forum rules.
Which are the best data vendors in the market? This thread is really long and I am not able to get full opinions.

Apart from GDFL and Truedata are there any reliable ones in the market?

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