Data required for quote downloader and Charting

Hello friends,

being a new to this forum i have searched many threads and read them for gaining more and more knowledge. thanx to all the contributors.

i am trading with 5 paisa. what i require is good downloader of historical quotes. all of u must have known by now that Yahoo is the best for getting back dated quotes, but since few days back they have stopped updating the quotes. now even the link of historical prices is also vanished from the site.
for TA i have downloaded gannalyst which imports the data scripwise. NSE is suppling bhavcopies but that is datewise and not scripwise. i have dowloded medved but doesn't know how to get the historical quotes. i have heard lot about metastock but i think that is a paid software.

sr. members please help me to solve the problems i am facing. :eek:

You can use the following freewares for charting :

As for data, you can modify the NSE bhavcopy to import it into these softwares :

You can download historical data scripwise from the NSE website and import them the same way and update them daily with the bhavcopy.

You can get data from 2004 in the form of import ready bhavcopies from the Yahoo group " nse_data ".
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You can download historical data scripwise from the NSE website and import them the same way and update them daily with the bhavcopy.[/QUOTE]
Thanx Debraj for ur suggestions.

in fact i was dowloading the eod data from nse itself, and was using by updating as u had told. my headache was , that the said data was datewise and not securitywise. strangely i never noticed the securitywise downloading option, now i tried the same and it worked fantastic. :D

will i get the bse data with the same manner from bse website :confused:
:) Hi shreyadr and others,

I read all your postings and really appreciate your effort. I find myself lucky in those days when I was learning the tricks of technical analysis because then I had Yahoo free EOD data available. But now without Yahoo it is absolutely groping in the dark and I believe it will demotivate youngstars willing to learn technical analysis at a minimal cost. I now get paid data from a data provider and everything else is hasslefree. I would be happy if I could be of any help to you people.


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