Data Feed

jrajesh said:

Could someone point me to data feed providers, if I have to develop my own analytic programs?

Do you want real time data feed or end of day?

For real time you can get the data feed from a ODIN, NSE or BSE terminal.
Thanks for the info. I am looking for real time feed. My intent is to hook it up with a .NET or C++ app and collect data in 10 minute to 30 minute increments. Based on my data collection, I would like to do some analysis. It will be good if I can get history in n minute increments. I am looking for some data feed providers like eSignal in the US market. Thanks.
Its a good good approach ... But don't go for 10-30 min. Because in market hours everything can happen in 10-30 Min .... Even a trend can be changed in 10 Min. So, Try to reduce it in 1-5 min.

there are a few here in India. (Expert Investors 2000) or (Stocks Up 2000) or (FALCON)


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