Crudeoil Intradday Trades based on GANN Square 9 Strategy


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Exited 1 long in crude in at hand 20 points gain thus 40 points profit done.
10+10+20=40 points in 3 lots!
Exiting the market shall not trade further today! :D
Well well, your trade did 40 points+, what was the hurry to exit??? Good going indeed.
Seems a sell in the making!?? at 2959 !?


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Please share last three trades of todays chart or all trades after 14:30 Hrs.
No need to post today, post them later after the mkt is over or tomorrow, no hurry please!
Please post ONLY if the same are as per 5 minute TF chart.(not I f you traded15 min.chart)
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