Good Progress.. Thanks for sharing your trades. Please let me know how to practice discipline in trading. Its very difficult for me to apply when started trading. i am doing the same mistakes again and again.

Thanks in advance.
Prakaash making mistakes is not bad at all and its part of the process. First control your emotions like fear and greed then develop your own trading system like price action or other setups and make more money by trading less and trade only the best setups. Follow strict money management and don't force yourself to trade.

Keeping a trading journal is only process to eliminate your mistakes.

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Meditation for traders Part - 2

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Super Trader Are Visionaries

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What Is A Trading Plan?

Trading Diary

Trading Diary is an application that will help you to become better trader. As you know it's a good practice for a trader to have his Trading Diary because it's very important to keep track of your trades and study them carefully. A lot of master traders encourage new traders to keep a trading diary but not a lot of new traders really do that. They affirm that by keeping a journal, the success can be achieved faster

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Today i did Range-bound trading with multiple entries
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