create a trialing stoploss in Amibroker


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what is needed is a simple way to show the arrows of trade on screen, such as populating of Sell/Cover arrays and then using that to feed to the robotrade or any other algorithmic trading terminal engine.

Additional info revealed in the backtesting results is excellent but one needs to see stops applied in real-time for the ApplyStop function to be useful practically.
You already mentioned it yourself.

    1 - regular exit
    2 - max. loss
    3 - profit target
    4 - trailing
    5 - n-bar stop
    6 - ruin stop

TrailLongExit = Sell == 4;

TrailShortExit = Cover == 4;
The signals in chart are generated using ApplyStop()

Shouldn't it be simple for e.g. implementing TSL for Buy . . .

Sell = Cross(HHV(H,Barssince(Buy))-TSL_Points,L);

No, see above
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