Could Corona Virus lead to a never before crash?

Yes, similar prices at Mother Dairy outlets.

The local vendors are giving a bit cheaper here - Lauki 25rs./kg, bhindi/karela/capsicum 50rs., tomato 3kg for 100 rs., onion 25-30rs., papaya 40rs./kg, watermelon 20-30rs/kg etc. Yesterday's prices.
but problem with local vendor is, their price changes person to person, as they know (bhanp lete hain) who is not a regular buyer and sometime they mix/add degraded veg/fruit while weighing


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Is reinfection of COVID-19 still possible?
Doctors uncertain about logivity of immunity, say more data needed

By AuthorM. Sai Gopal | Published: 12th Apr 2020 12:09 amUpdated: 11th Apr 2020 10:41 pm

A coronavirus-shaped installation that has been put up by Rachakonda Police at Uppal Circle. The installation seeks to create awareness on social distancing and staying safe. — Photo: Anand Dharmana
Hyderabad: Can one get re-infected after recovering from COVID-19? The prospect of those who have recovered from COVID-19 getting re-infected has become a major concern for general public and public health authorities not only in Telangana but across the country.
The general rule is that once a person tests positive for an ailment, the body starts developing antibodies and over a period of time, they develop immunity that will prevent the resurgence of the disease.

However, is this true with SARS-CoV2 virus? “At this moment, we can’t say anything for certain. I personally believe that once patients recover from COVID-19, they should have immunity for at least some time. However, we can’t say this for certain and we need more data related to this,” says Superintendent, Chest Hospital, Dr Mahaboob Khan.
On Friday, South Korea reported that 91 recovered patients have once again tested positive for the novel Coronavirus disease. There are several such instances across the world that have prompted fears among physicians that the SARS-CoV2 could remain active in patients for much longer time.

Had Kothagudem DSP relapsed?
The State health officials are yet to ascertain why a senior police official from Kothagudem, who had recovered from COVID-19 and tested negative, had to be again admitted after he tested positive for the infection.
Persons who have recovered but then tested positive again were not examples of re-infection. They could be cases where the infection was lingering but the tests were not able to detect, senior public health officials here pointed out.
“Usually, people do not get re-infection so soon after testing negative. We are yet to reach to a conclusion on why this patient’s samples tested negative and later positive. Since COVID-19 is a novel disease, the country definitely needs more data,” Dr Mahaboob said.
Senior doctors also point out that there has been no concerted effort to understand the longevity of immunity among those who have recovered from COVID-19.
False negatives and Coronavirus
Health officials here said that the present Coronavirus diagnostic tests, which are PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) based, could give false negative results. This means, people with active Coronavirus can test negative for the disease. “We don’t have much data on the rate of false negative tests. They are still being carried out by various laboratories,” doctors said.


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Xi Jinping’s China did this
The corrupt, criminal regime wasted 40 days blocking information while it crushed domestic dissent and ensured COVID-19 would become a global pandemic
By IRWIN COTLER and JUDITH ABITAN12 April 2020, 3:01 pm

There is authoritative and compelling evidence — including a study from the University of Southampton — that if interventions in China had been conducted three weeks earlier, transmission of COVID-19 could have been reduced by 95 percent.
For 40 days, President Xi Jinping’s CPC concealed, destroyed, falsified, and fabricated information about the rampant spread of COVID-19 through its state-sanctioned massive surveillance and suppression of data; its misrepresentation of information; its silencing and criminalizing of its dissent; and its disappearance of its whistleblowers.
In late December 2019, Dr. Ai Fen, director of the Emergency Department at the Central Hospital of Wuhan — “The Whistle-Giver” — disseminated information about COVID-19 to several doctors, one of whom was Dr. Li Wenliang, and eight of whom were later arrested. Dr. Ai has recently disappeared.
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Dr. Ai also detailed efforts to silence her in a story titled, “The one who supplied the whistle,” published in China’s People (Renwu) magazine in March. The article has since been removed.
On January 1, 2020, Dr. Li Wenliang — the “hero” and “awakener” — was reprimanded for spreading rumors, and was summoned to sign a statement accusing him of making false statements that disturbed the public order. Seven other people were arrested on similar charges. Their fate is still unknown.
On January 4, 2020, Dr. Ho Pak Leung — president of the University of Hong Kong’s Centre for Infection — indicated that it was highly probable that COVID-19 spread from human-to-human, and urged the implementation of a strict monitoring system.
For weeks, the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission declared that preliminary investigations did not show any clear evidence of human-to-human transmission.
On January 14, 2020, the WHO reaffirmed China’s statement, and on January 22, 2020, Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praised the CPC’s handling of the outbreak, commending China’s Minister of Health for his cooperation, and President Xi and Premier Li for their invaluable leadership and intervention.
On January 23, 2020, Chinese authorities announced their first steps to quarantine Wuhan. By then, it was too late. Millions of people had already visited Wuhan and left during the Chinese New Year, and a significant number of Chinese citizens had traveled overseas as asymptomatic carriers.
On February 23, 2020, Ren Zhiqiang — former real estate tycoon and longstanding critic of the CPC — wrote in an essay that he “saw not an emperor standing there exhibiting his ‘new clothes,’ but a clown stripped naked who insisted he continue being emperor.” He spoke of a “crisis of governance” and the strict limits on free speech, which had magnified the COVID-19 epidemic. He has also gone missing, and it has recently been reported that the CPC has opened an investigation against him.
The world would have been more prepared and able to combat COVID-19 had it not been for President Xi’s authoritarian regime’s widespread and systematic pattern of sanitizing the massive domestic repression of its people.
Forty days of silence and suppression cost Italy — the epicenter of Europe’s COVID-19 pandemic — a death toll of 12%, more than double that of China’s, followed by Spain with a fatality rate of 9%. As we write, the United States — whose presidential leadership has been wanting — has become the pandemic’s new epicenter, and there is heightened concern about what could become of developing countries like India, and South Africa’s immunosuppressed population of over 10 million.
While global infections continue to surge relentlessly upwards, China — ironically — is now considered safer than the majority of countries. The South Korean model — where it pioneered drive-through COVID-19 testing centers collecting swabs from over 15,000 people a day, and quarantining the infected immediately thereafter — is one of the only precedents and case studies to date, along with China, that significantly reduced the number of infected people and fatalities.
Attention should also be drawn to the CPC’s massive surveillance and suppression of data juxtaposed with its misrepresentation of information. China’s big data collection — approximately 200 million CCTV cameras — not only precipitated the highest tech epidemic control ever attempted by the CPC, but also underpinned the salience of its repression.
The CPC’s infodemic — in addition to its intense spinning of solidarity on social media and its framing of a “people’s war against the virus” — was both a deceitful and farcical illusion of a coming together in China. The extent of the CPC’s self-promotion and its portrayal of President Xi as a hero ready to save the world — while making Western democracies look grossly incompetent — is as shameful as it is duplicitous.
In a word, President Xi’s government has exacerbated the world’s COVID-19 health and systemic crises, which has paved the way for one of the greatest humanitarian crises in history.
The world is watching. People in China no longer stand alone. Many are no longer fearful. They have already started publishing firsthand accounts of the CPC’s orchestrated cover-ups and monumental failures, revealing the rotten core of Chinese governance.
In defending the struggle for democracy and human rights in China, the international community must stand in solidarity with the people of China in seeking to unmask the CPC’s criminality, corruption, and impunity.
The community of democracies must undertake the necessary legal initiatives — be they international tort actions as authorized by treaty law, or the utilization of international bodies, like the International Court of Justice — to underpin the courage and commitment of China’s human rights defenders. This is what justice and accountability is all about.


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Just re-posting a article that I came across.


APRIL 11, 2020 BY NB
Event 201 – Bill Gates’ Coronavirus Exercise

Strangely, just 2 months before the outbreak of the Coronavirus in China, in October 2019 Bill Gates held a high level, simulated Coronavirus Pandemic Exercise.

Event 201, hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, envisioned a fast-spreading Coronavirus with a devastating impact.

“15 global business, government, and public health leaders were players in the simulation exercise that highlighted unresolved real-world policy and economic issues that could be solved with sufficient political will, financial investment, and attention now and in the future.”

Sound Familiar?

Event 201 dropped participants right in the midst of an uncontrolled Coronavirus outbreak that was spreading like wildfire out of South America to wreak worldwide havoc.

The simulation virus was named Coronavirus Associated Pulmonary Syndrome, or CAPS.

As fictional newscasters from “GNN” (Global National News) narrated, the immune-resistant virus was crippling trade and travel, sending the global economy into freefall. Social media was rampant with rumors and misinformation, governments were collapsing, and citizens were revolting.

Also very strangely, the development and use of vaccines feature prominently in the media used throughout the exersice.

Deja vu, anyone?

Revealing Media From The Pandemic Exercise

The Highlights Reel from the exercise along with an additional five Segment Videos offer fly-on-the-wall insights into what was forecast, how events developed and how unraveling situations were handled.

They give us understanding into what the delegates planned would happen (in simulation), which spookily mirror what we see happening now in the world. They also provide a look at what’s forecasted to happen next.

In this respect, they are deserving of study.

Full article (With numerous videos):



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Highest ever single day surge in India Cases today ( Nearly 1400+ till now), and doubling time reduced to 06 days.

1. With this speed we might have ( Worst Case Scenario) peak out in next 03 Months without any successful intervention :

20K cases by 20 April
40K cases by 26 April
80K cases by 02 May
1.2L cases by 08 May
2.6L cases by 14 May
5.2L cases by 20 May
10.4L cases by 26 May
20.8L cases by 01 June
41L cases by 07 June
82L cases by 13 June
1.6 Cr cases by 19 June
3.2 Cr cases by 25 Jun
6.4 Cr cases by 01 July
12.8 Cr cases by 07 July
25 Cr Cases by 13 July
50 Cr Cases by 19 July

2. With 138 Cr population we should start to reach herd immunity (30% -60% of Total Population affected) by mid July and new cases should drop drastically.

3. Current death rate is ~ 3% and at this rate the figure will be even scary to calculate
4. Lockdown would probably come into place automatically by May first week, no one need to impose.

Note: This is my nightmare and not reality ( I pray so). China recoveries and Italy dropdown cases bring lots of hope
why immunity

100 cr by 26 July
by 31 July, only trees, mountains, rivers, land

but wait
we will need trees and land for cremation
so no trees and no vacant land

Right na !!!!!!!!

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