confusion of usng one mt4 for international and another for mcx

i take rt data from one provider for meta trader. i used gci mt4 for international markets .for mcx rt data i want to use another meta trader terminal and i downloaded alpari mt4 for the sake of mcx rt data.but i dont get rt data in alpari. rt data comes only in gci mt4 when i use open offline method. any one know this how it can be solved that for international markets gci and for mcx rt data(alpari or any other meta trader terminal).


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Some of the MT4 indicators work only when your MT4 is online. If you are using offline charts it will not work. Instead of using RT providers for offline chart you can use mt4 vendors such as firstcharting, slcharting, alphametrix... but all these three vendors are paid.. nearly 3k for both mcx and nse

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