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Conferencechat training for trading with Ashwani Gujral

The Sharekhan and Refco-sify people had told me how they send real time recommendations through yahoo messenger. As mentioned earlier, Mr Sukhani sends through his own software.

Today is Friday and Mr Ashwani Gujral invited me to his chatroom conference as they call it where he gives guidance to people all over the country in day trading in nifty futures and other trades. It was full of lively, interesting characters knowledgeable about technicals and the stock market paticipating in real time chat. While monitoring the market, we discussed cricket, hindi film songs, husband wife fights and god alone what not and while serious they would be totally focused on the market. This was an interesting experience and this is what I meant when I made this post in the morning today. Work hard and play hard . One likes to hear some catchwords once in a while to avoid feeling like a stuffed shirt.

We are really getting high-tech and at this rate, the day would not be far off when we have virtual classrooms for trading(we may see all 6feet plus of creditvioltet lecturing to us) which is the way it should be because one gets fine tuned in normal working situations only by working under a knowledgeable boss and I see no reason why trading should be different.

Interesting experience worth sharing. Hope this forum too becomes equally interesting and vibrant. I enjoyed more there in one day then some of the durations here.
This is not a recommendation since I am not a client. I am just reporting what happened.

I met Mr Gujral finally in the evening after writing the above in the afternoon. He showed me three American magazines in which his articles and interviews were published and I found some more when I googled him after coming back. This seems to be a good benchmark(to judge who stands where-it is very difficult to judge in India since TA is so subjective and there is no Indian Magazine) as in USA, the Industry is far more advanced and developed than in India.

He stressed heavily on what he had written in the book, Every good Analyst does not become a good trader since it also requires practical money management and practical discipline which can only be learnt with a practical trader. To cite an example he said, How many newcomers can do reverse trades? He said trading is a full time job and one should give due respect to it- he even admonishes clients for not being on time for the conference chat the way it is at a job. He said he only concentrates on nifty futures for day trading

Day trading on the above apart, he also gives advice on position trades and derivatives.
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