Concentrated or focussed mutual funds

Can anyone suggest equity MF scheme names where there is concentration or focus on small number of stocks (less than 20) in fund portfolio? (preferably not sector funds). These 10-20 stocks should have more than 60% of allocation in given scheme.
I dont want to buy funds having hundreds of stocks in portfolio and then returns also will be diluted to average level. I saw that most of the fund managers are picking/trading equities at random and no particular focus on quality of stocks or direction of fund. A monkey with dart board may do better job. What for I am paying management expenses of a fund?
BTW it is difficult to create my own MF using equities due to comissions and time and resources.
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The management expenses are to support their lavish lifestyles, what did u think it was for , to pay u rich dividends :rofl:

BTW what sort of stocks/sectors would u be looking to invest in ?
Re: Concentrated or focused mutual funds

I am looking for equity growth type MFs. Tech, Pharma, FMCG are ok. Not like Top200 fund. A fund manager cannot choose top 200 stocks with his little brain. Most of MFs have similar top 10 holdings repeating even though funds have very fancy names and objectives.
I tried moneycontrol and valueresearch websites but none gives me list of funds having maximum of 20-30 holdings.


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Well , the top 20-30 scrips are already in the index ( for that u could just go for an ETF), if you are looking at 2nd rung counters it would be difficult to find a fund that does that.( They do have to sell the product) You'll have to do the cherry picking yourself I think.:)

Try here...

PMS is another option, but their charges are a rip off.:rofl:
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