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dear all,

i have been reading lots of stuff in this forum reagarding choosing a good online broker. what we all need is a good broker who can understand customers need. novices are enquiring constantly about it ; but no one is ready to give the complete information ; not even for the broker they r trading with.

i have done a little effort on my part to give the information i know. see the attached pdf file. earlier i was started with 5paisa investor terminal, missing few things like charting and tips, i shifted to their trader terminal but still missing for technical indicators trying to shift for other broker. in search of that i visited indiabulls and collected information i required. since requirements are different for different persons ; i have given whatever information availble with me. i request other members who are trading with other brokers can also provide the same details or in same format so anyone can compare the brokers on all levels and choose the required one. members using 5paisa / indiabulls and if find any information in the file attached is different than their can come forward and rectify it.


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Thanks a lot shreyadr :) .
This helps a lot to understand many hiden things.
Do you or somebody have same comparision for ICICIDIrect and kotak.
I am looking for such one.
Its very hard to decide.
Kotak guys are telling they are starting BSE in next week but I am not sure whether they will really do it.

Thanks a lot.

I have been using ICICI demat services. Here is a quick snapshot of the matrix listed above for the comparison.

Terminals both investor and trader
Trading intraday/margin/delivery/BTST
Trading A/C 300
Min.Marging 5000
Demat A/C already included
Software Chg. none
Margin Funding no idea about this
[/B]Brokerage per transaction [/B] variable for each kind of transaction. Generally in range of 0.10 % - 0.25%
Intersettlement per transaction 15.00
Tips from Broker available
Charting very good tools available
Historical data available
Tech. Indicators very good interface
Intraday Cut-off time 2:30 pm
Position margin trading/BTST (buy today sell tomorrow) available. Intraday have to be settled before EOD, rest can be converted to delivery.
Trading Exchange both, for margin trading only NSE
Margin for Trading 4 times for NSE only

Please let me know if I did some mistake in providing the data.


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My experience with Indiabulls is not so good as far as customer service is concerned. I requested for an address change but they didn't do that in all their databases and now my refund order for an IPO is gone to the wrong address and the phone often goes unanswered. Am thinking of changing.
All of the major banks in Canada offer online and telephone stock trading. I personally use BMO Investorline.So i can tell you a bit about that, commissions are $25 per trade if you have under $100,000. If you have over that,all trades are $9.99. You can trade on any Canadian or US exchange or OTC stocks, either online or through the phone.
TD also offers a good service called TD Waterhouse. I have seen it in use. Commissions may be a bit higher, but it seems like they offer more information such as annual reports, etc..

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