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0.03% is quite high for intraday trades. For small capital finvasia, or even wisdom which has much smaller % based brokerage + Nest are ok. But wisdom becomes very expensive once you scale up as there is no upper bound to brokerage.

Once you scale up, 20 brokerage cost, demat AMC etc does not matter much. STT / exchange charges gets much bigger than fixed brokerage of 40.
Main focus should be on edge, and once you have it - to scale up size reasonably quickly and to make an income. No point overthinking small stuff.

But, I wont keep all of my money with finvasia for ex. Nothing against them, i did not have any issue when i traded with them some years ago - but they are small broker and i much rather use brokers who are making good money or who can raise capital if ever there is some king of shock ( instead of going down and taking our money with them.. ). Zerodha is making 100s of crores in profit. So they have large pool of money to absorb losses if ever they happen and thats before even considering capital raise. If i had to keep all of my money with 1 broker it would zerodha and not finvasia... But best to have 2 or 3, so that we can manage outages.
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