commodity trading

please provide me the information on the institutes which can provide me courses on technical analysis on commodities. Please suggest me some websites which will also provide me the same informations.
thank u so much
welingkars has come up with a course called 3 months diploma in comodity training with a mcx as a training partner. this course covers all the pratical aspects of comodity trading with 10 class of actuall trading with fundamental analysis. futher also it covers the risk management part with F&O market. for more information go to mcx site.

best regards
I think pooja the best way is to take a book and study on ur own.
There is no institute in this world that will teach u technicals.the best book is Technical Analysis of stock and Commodities by John Murphy...
Happy reading
Hello Madam Pooja..
How do u do ? Can I know which commodity are you dealin with? There are many sites which is providin good and execellent Technical Studys on Market, In Technicals we use Candlestick, Bollinger's Band, Elliot Waves, Fibonnaci, RSI, MACD, Stochastics, etc.,... these are the few Technical Indicators commonly used in this field.. u can get some softwares which would provide you automatic indications, like MetaStock.. Metastock is one of the best Technical Softwares... you can try that one or you can manually calculate the market if u learn the Technicals..

For Rates and market Predictions, you can refer... ( For Agro ) ( For Rates ) ( For Rates ) ( Bullion )

And also there are many Technical Analysts who provides you Technicals through Websites for Subscription of few thousands.. I guess those are not necessary if you learn technicals.. Dont forget to Keep an eye on Fundamentals too..

See ya... Happy Trading !

With Regards,
--- Jin ---
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