Commodity Trading Full time


I am new to traderji and am happy to see a community that is very active :thumb:
Well to begin, a little bit about me.. I did my masters in Electrical engineering from NYU Poly, Brooklyn USA. During my masters I used to work as a teaching assistant for C++, Python and C#. I was lucky enough to get a job on Wall street after completing my masters as a programmer/analyst. The company I worked for was a startup and they were market makers in Crude, Brent, RBOB, Natural gas and Heating oil. They traded at NYMEX, CME and ICE. I worked with them for a year and half. I was involved in projects like designing and developing the company's pricing model. Developing company's position management system using C#. And was also involved in backtesting a bunch of other proprietary trading strategies.

What am I doing now?
I returned back to Mumbai mid June 2013. I want to start trading myself in commodities in India. I have enrolled for MCCP course by FTKMC starting July 22, 2013. I have been doing a lot of research meanwhile. Have met a few prop trading shops in the process.

Why this post?
I am looking for people with similar interests. I am ideally looking for people who want to treat this venture as a full time business and not a part time option. I know that this is a good business as I have seen my previous employer in the states make a buck load of money. I know its not that easy but certainly possible. My Dad is a real estate broker so he will be able to find an office space for very cheap so I am ideally looking for a group of like 3-4 people who I can trade with initially and then based on match of interests we can make a business out of it.
You can be rest assured about the IT part as I can speak their language since I was a programmer myself. I am also interested in meeting people who are inclined to doing business in countries outside India, like Dubai or Singapore.

One last thing, I was in excellent terms with my previous employer and they are very interested in Indian markets. So there some scope of them coming down to India. They have asked me to do some research regarding the same.
I would love to hear from you guys


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