Commodity profit and loss help

Hi all,

I have a doubt in trading. plz help me out:confused:
I am going to invest in silver and for that contract last date is 30 NOV
suppose currently rate is 40000 rs, Lot size is 5 for that so total price will be 200000 rs
But i have to pay only margin that is 10000 rs (5%).
My questions are
Assume if silver goes to 41000 rs in september and at that time i sold that out
what will be the profit as my brokerage is 0.05%(both side)
Can I sell that before my contract is over as it is 30 NOV
And if it goes down to 38000 (-3000)
so loss will be 3000*5 = 15000 but i have invest only 10000 so who will pay for that
or i am doing wrong calculation
plz help me :confused:


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