commodity basics need clarifications

Hi friends/trading experts,

i have lots of questions here, i putting all together here and hoping to get all your advice.

i'am using ODIN DIET for trading commodity, without knowing the technical analysis i have faced huge loss... but i didnt loose my hope, still i wanted to continue my trading, please advice what i need to do be good trader.

1. any books that i can learn commodity trading MCX.

2. what is charts for commodity? what it is actually, whether it predicts the real time charts?

3. what is the use of meta trader in commodity?

also advice if you can put any other points for me.. Thanks


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Books- There are a lot of Books on this subject in the Market. My Advice, start with the basics first. First start with some free ebooks on the net. MCX has some training courses but the study materials are all paid. Go to NSE website and download all the free study materials and read them thoroughly.

Metatrader - Metatrader is usually a free software to trade CFD's and Forex given by various International Brokerage Firms. It has great charting facility and is given free by the brokers in order to get you trading through them. I use FxPro MT4 by opening a free demo account, as the free demo account does not lapse in 30 days or so.
learning technical analysis is waste of time.becuase we need experince also to predict the movment.u better follow any good commodity tips provider like me.

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