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Hello Friends

I can provide real time tips of Ncdex and MCX commodities.My success rate are above 75%.Dont

ask for technicals coz I am playing the fundamentals as commodities are very different from

Shares.Technicals work especailly in bullion and Crude oil futures but when it comes to

Grains i think so fundamental rules.

I will start mentioning some tips here from which you can profit.Remember be sure to check

in this thread several times as my tips are real time and can pull you results very quickly.

1. Buy Chilli March around 3150 SL 3000 Target 3500
2. Buy Sugar April at 2025 SL 1980 Target 2150

Thankyou Amit for sharing your views/tips on commodities. I trust boarders here would benefit from the same. It could also help others keep a watch on the technicals. Would it be possible for you to add an approximate time frame for your calls.
Hi Mareeche,

I wouldn't be able to keep a time frame on the tips as it all depends on the price of the commodities trading on MCX, NCDEX and also the spot market.

Anyway you can track of me by bookmarking this page and checking in several time.If you want you can also add me on your yahoo list.My id is amitcommtip.I will broadcast tips on it also so that you can profit.

Hello Vipin

I will be available on Yahoo means I will be available on Yahoo Messenger.Ya i do know about Soya Oil and i will give u a call if i feel there is some movement in it and there is some chance of profit

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