Combining Multiple Internet Connections


On a casual search using a Load Balance Broadband Router and/or switch is recommended.

The solution suggested by TB and Tuna works, if the primary connection drops the backup is picked up
but at times the backup connection (WiFi router / USB tethering) takes some time to come up (maybe as it not being used/pooled)

So if 2/3 connection are being used simultaneously, then if one fails, the bandwidth reduces, but the net keeps working.

Thanks everyone for suggestions and contribution.

Happy :)


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This seems to be a good solution, but has a recurring cost of annual subscription of around 10 K

Edit: this seems to be another free / open source software solution

Need to download nodes.js

Will give feedback here, if I try it


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First of all, thank you Happy-ji for your simple coding help thread. I have learnt so much from it.
I think you are looking at the dedicated server price. It is not cheap. Otherwise the cost is around 4250/yearly.
I am looking forward to your feedback on the opensource solution.:)


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@Happy_Singh which particular solution did you finally use bro ? Please update.

I am looking for a new WiFi Router which will work with the internet connection being provided by local vendor, over the Ethernet cable. If someone could please suggest some good option for that.