Coincident = Market down + sharekhan's server had major problem!!

Dear All,

do you all know what is coincident? answere is very simple as i mentioned on subject line. believe it or not, it's upto you.. but go thru this and you will come to know whethere it is true or not.

when i opened my sharekhan's software(speedtrade), it is not working at all and market was going down... this is around 10.15 AM.

i called up their delhi office around 10.30 and i was told that server had major problem (please assume here that market was actually crashing this time around) and i was told it will be alright with in 10 minutes.

nothing happened till 11.15 and i called up their bombay office around 11.25 at 022-56621111 ( am i correct? this is correct #). but no one was ready to take the call at all. Again i called up their delhi office and one sweet voice told me that server problem is almost over and they are waiting to start the server (please assume here that actually market was getting support level this time around)

And she told me to wait. but she forgot to tell me how long i have to wait... i waited for 6-7 minutes and put down my phone. Their delhi office customer service people never tell us who is talking.. but they will ask our name... but she didn't ask my name also today...

But fortunatelly market was looking up and actually was going up also from 12.09 afternoon. ( please assume here that server also started working from 12.14).....

can we call this as coincident? is sharekhan sister concern of

i am sending this mail to all the group ids whatever i have...and i am sending this mail sharekhan also.

sharekhan can survive in short term if they do business like this... in long term will they survive???? is this business ethics?

I had the same problem.
The Indiabulls trading server had problems logging onto during the past 2 days but eventually it allowed me to close my trades.
Probably thats due to excess trading activity caused by panic reaction to the market correction/nosedive.
I hope it improves.

It has more to do with protecting bigger players at the expense of small investors. Anyway rich define the rules and control the game. Story is same with all brokers.


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