CNBC real time radio commentary.


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There was a guy called Amit Bharjatya on CNBC today(29/10/2004) on your stocks who said how much he liked to watch CNBC. He said that even in the office he was hooked to all the time. My father, who is a very active investor goes late to the office most of the time because of CNBC.

Why cant there be a live radio commentary about CNBC just the way it is for cricket matches? People can listen to CNBC while driving to office and moving around and now that we have mobiles, anybody can call the broker from anywhere required. Brokers like Sharekhan are also using yahoo messangers to give real time intraday tips to their clients. Traders can play the radio with a walkman while on their terminals if they want it and if your TV happens to be a room different than the computer, it could come in handy.

Many people may think this absurd but when Ted Turner suggested 24 hour television his idea was also jeered upon.

The only disadvantage is that one cannot watch the pretty faces but that too could prove to be a blessing in disguise- as a trader would say- it will take the emotion out of trading; if not that it will definitely help focus better.


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Thanks a lot for the info. I have been to the sites you have suggested-if you could suggest the exact site where something about Indian news is given, it would be a help. Or do we just turn on the radio and grope for news?

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