CNBC investor camp at new delhi


Is CNBC investor camp useful to attend? any comments please. It is being arranged in new delhi on 18th of this month.


One line will describe the power of success brother and this applies to all of us.

"1 out of 100 people can be a billionaire from a bunch of baggers but 100 out of 100 can be baggers from a bunch of billionaires"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you adopt a right stratergy you need not to attend any meets,not even visiting this forum as well!!Think right,think ahead and thats the master key to be a winner in stock market.
Hi Gopu,
Attended the one at Bangalore recently.....only one thing to say:A HUGE,COLLOSAL WASTE OF TIME!!.........But that is just my opinion. :)


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I attended one last time. Its good for making new friends and contacts like this forum. Otherwise one may come to know of some interesting things from speeches. Learning wise it is useless because of the way topics like derivatives and technical analysis are covered. Good orientation perhaps.

The bonus could be that you get to see some of the CNBC women live-fortunately or unforunately( can be disappointing too-all depends on what kind of person you are)


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Thanks for the compliment although someday I hope to become my own fan in trading rather than writing style.

Talking of fans, I am a fan of creditviolet in this forum. I feel that he has made the most substantive contributions and has been very charitable in sharing his knowledge.
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Personally i wouldn't attend such gimmicky stuff. Like one cannot become a pilot in a day, one cannot learn trading in a few days. This is an easy way to attract novice traders who dont know anything and think these big shots would teach them everything in a few days. And traders could use this training to make billions.:) Come on. Get real.

You have to invest as much amount of time learning and understand this stuff by yourself before actually trading even a single rupee/dollar. Yes, if you want to just grow some friends and you have some surplus money, you can go ahead.

Just IMHO.

sh10, to shift to a serious subject, which CNBC woman was the best looking ? and the most disappointing one? Please answer this with the seriousness it deserves

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