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Ive come across a course called CMT - Chartered Market Technician by the MTA - Market Technicians Assoc (USA). Im wondering has anyone here done the course or heard anything about it? Looks really interesting, im thinking of registering.

I have the same question that Neal had......if it's for a job,you gotta do whatever it takes......but if it's to be successful in the market,and to make a living purely out of trading,any examination is a sheer waste of energy and time.Just my humble opinion.... :)


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It all depends on who is conducting the course and how well and with what motives they are imparting training. Even after an year of learning TA, when one interacts with people of vast experience you invariably learn a lot of useful things. Learning by trial an error is like reinventing the wheel. If well established crikceters need a Greg Chappel to hone their skills, why not trading which is at least three times more complex as investing.

If you bump into a good trainer, it may mean a lot of saving of time, money and energy. Leaning with experienced traders can be counterproductive as they are biased towards thier own systems and indicators.

Yes, that is the right address.

I am doing a CFA right now, and so yes, doing the course would be more as per the job aspect. I do agree though, that you can learn the same material on your own saving time, effort and money. Has anyone heard of this designation though - 'CMT'?


yes this designation is mostly used in the united states and they do charge youa fees in dollars i,e $300 or something and they give yu a membership any new development in this t a field is discussedamong members and is more or less a forum like ours
Agree completely.........never waste time reinventing the wheel.A mentor is of great help to your trading.There's a lot that experience can teach.Would also be great to have someone holding your hands in the beginning and chiding you for your mistakes.Of course,having a mentor and going thru an exam on TA are 2 different things with 2 different goals in mind. :)

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